Toys 4U

As already announced on Virtual Quilter

the pattern for this quilt is now available from the

Virtual Quilter’s Pattern Place.

This design is for a quilt I have never made with fabric …… but it is too good to stay hidden in my computer files waiting for a sample to be made so I have written the instructions so others can use it first.

I am not sure if it easier or harder to write instructions for a virtual quilt compared to a design I have made up. I always need to get someone else to read the pattern anyway to make sure the words I write make sense to someone else!

The instructions are for fused applique by machine, but you can do the stitching by hand if you prefer.

If you add seam allowance you can even needleturn it.

Like wise quilting can be done by hand or machine.

Members of the Pattern Place will have access to some other ideas to use the block designs.

This design came together after I drew up the block designs for a toy box full of toys in 2005. It is one of several designs which use toys from that same drawing session. some of the toys are used in several designs, and there are still others which haven’t been used in any design yet. Originally the pattern was published as a tradition paper pattern in 2007, but has now been updated to be sold as a PDF.


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