Fluffy Jeans

Quilt in a Day 12th October 2010

Twelve squares left over from 6 previous projects made using recycled jeans have been joined together with seams on the right side, no backing.

Added 2 inch strips os scrap denim around the outside edges, then snipped all the seam allowances. The rug is now in the washing machine, where it will be agitated for at least fifteen minutes before it goes in the clothes dryer for more fluffing around!

There is another rug to go together, then I will be all out of jeans, and will not be cutting up any I can still wear in the near future, and I have gone off op shopping for the moment too!.

When this comes out of the dryer it will be the first quilt finished for the year ….. though it’s not really a quilt because there is only one layer. And it is a true ‘Quilt in a Day”!

15 minutes later …. it is out of the washing machine and in the dryer …… and it is looking wonderfully fluffy along all the seam lines!

Finished size 36 x 45 inches


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