Washed Denim Quilt

Started 9th October 2010, completed 13th October 2010

Started cutting assorted jeans after an op shop spree in Berrie, Loxton and Pinnaroo.

11th October 2010

The third quilt top from amongst the pieces, using some well washed jeans. No plans for this one at this time.

Pieced together before I went to bed as the pieces were laid out on our bed …. the spare bed was taken up by another lot of pieces!

13th October 2010

The backing is part of a doona cover which was found in one of the op shops. I added two strips of navy fabric around the raw edges of the quilt instead of binding the edges, giving it a raggy edge ….. a fun, easy finish for a fun quilt.

I might use this edging again, but bind the top in the usual way, as the raggy edge could look good around the other sides of a bed quilt, particularly in a pink and fluffy girls room!

Finished size 34 x 44 inches


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