Patches for Paul

18th September 2010

After cutting and piecing together the Blue Jeans quilt top I had to get out the denim scrap box. Scraps left over from Blue Jeans for the Limousine which I made for Megan when she got her first car (the car was far from a limousine!) had been joined by some op shop jeans when I was making bags from jeans many moons ago.

Before I cut the border for Blue Jeans I sorted out enough bigger pieces to make two more quilt tops not quite as big as Blue Jeans.

23rd September 2010

The top went together reasonably well untill the last couple of seams, which involved four patches of stretch jeans in the corners. All the stretch runs across the quilt, so joining the vertical seams was fine …. the horizontal seams of the corner blocks stretched way out of shape, but eventually managed to get it under control.

14th October 2010

Pieced together binding strips cut from some dark, lightweight denim pieces I acquired several years ago from an op shop.

17th October 2010

Stitched binding on. Now I want something worth turning the tv on to ignore so I do the hand stitching. The backing is a bedspread donated by a friend. This will definitely be for the father, with another one in the making earmarked for son!

26th October 2010

Finished stitching the binding down!

The ‘quilting’ is a few scattered areas of  ‘darning’ by machine in grey thread … the sort of thing I would do on a pair of jeans to make them wearable for another season in the garden.

The quilt was handed over on Christmas Day, and Paul was instructed to empty his pockets of fishing gear, pens etc!

The feet belong to Paul, and so do the hands … well, one pair!

Wonder where Sala was when the photo was taken!


PS I am not the only one who has used the pockets ……… The Cozy Quilter did too!


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