Textiles to turn into quilts and rugs

If you have any textiles which you don’t use for whatever reason, why not make a quilt ….. or at least a rug if you make it with raggy seams and don’t add wadding. Most of the textiles need to be in a reasonably good condition, but not the first item on the list!

All these textiles can also be used for bags of any shape or purpose, cushions,

If you haven’t got a stash of these alternative quilting fabrics keep your eye on what is available from op shops

Denim ….. jeans, skirts faded and worn or near new.

Flannelette shirts …. if not for the front, how about the back?

Tourist tea towels ….. cut them up, or quicker to just remove the hems and stitch them together.

Shirts ….. with or without button fronts and pockets included in the new item.

Bedspreads ……. use them alone, or combined with curtain fabrics as they are about the same weight.

Tablecloths ….. backing for small to medium quilts, or a source of plain colours.

Embroidered and crochet doilies …..see the next item for foundation to stitch them too. You could add hankies as well.

Sheets and doona covers ….. perfect for backing any other repurposed textile quilts, and great source of plain fabric.

Furnishing fabrics ……… sample pieces, remnants as well as recycled.

Wool knits …… the cables and other patterns look great when they are cut into squares and mixed with plain stocking stitch.

Woollen fabric in any form, in particular skirts, jackets and suits.

Mens suits of any fabric.


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