Trees for Christmas

September 2009

We were staying with Blue and Leah, who are not interested in anything involving needle and thread, when I ran out of work to do. There was nothing much in their house of use in this situation, and I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a new project to fill in the remainder of the holidays. I had a sewing room full of fabrics, threads, tools, patterns, UFOs etc ….. I just wanted something to work on! I had assorted needles, scissors and a pencil, and Jordan had left a battered ruler and eraser on the kitchen table after doing his homework

The nearest craft shop had some wide cream homespun meant for a quilt backing as an end of roll special. They also had Perle thread and some thin iron on wadding to use as stabilizer. Leah had an iron and ironing board stored in the spare room which was our bedroom, so there was one tool I could make use of.

I started sketching ….. my skills are limited, but I managed the stick figure version of some different trees. I decided I would make them all the same triangular shape, but vary the style of foliage and branches. I found a cereal packet in the recycling bin, cut a rectangle as a template for the background block, and a triangle for the tree. I used the template to cut a heap of background pieces, and to mark the triangle onto some pages of the scrapbook I had found in Cheap as Chips – now my design book. A black marker turned the sketches into something I could trace onto the fabric.

(I chose a rectangle because it was easier to draw a rectangle when I was using the edge of a magazine for a ruler for anything longer than 5 inches … the length of th least battered edge of the ruler. The magazine also provided the right angle!)

By the time we came home I had six trees embroidered with simple variations of stem stitch.

November 2009

A weekend in Beachport …. more sketches, more embroidery.

July/August 2010

Took the bag with my holiday project to the Golden Harvest Quilter’s Retreat and did a couple more trees, but without the decorations at this point …… I think I am making a book of Christmas Trees …. there are too many trees now for a wallhanging, don’t see the trees making a wonderful quilt, so I will make them into pages of a fabric book. (PS 2010 have officially run out of room in this house for any more wall hangings .. don’t tell anybody, because I might still want to make some more!)

One of the new sketches was drawn from some young Norfolk Island Pines I could see from the cabin we stayed in during our stay in Beachport when I last worked on the stitcheries.

I have no idea how to decorate this one …. have ideas for all the others, but nothing for this one!

November 2010

Back in Beachport for another weekend of golfing (for Butch) and some stitching time for me.

All the photos so far were taken on this trip to Beachport.

Next outing … Marion Bay in December….. wonder how many more holidays before I need a new holiday project!


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