Jeans for Josh

9th October 2010

Earlier in the week I went op shopping in Berri, Loxton and Pinnaroo and came home with denim, in the form of jeans and a skirt, along with three bedspreads and a tablecloth.  Two days of cutting twelve and a half inch squares, and making up more squares from smaller sections and I had over 50 squares of denim! I only needed one quilt!

11th October 2010

The blocks started becoming quilt tops … and this one was first cab off the rank. It was also the top lot of blocks laid out on our bed today, so I had to concentrate on getting the bed cleared by bedtime. Others were on the spare bed and the lounge room floor!

November 30 2010

Backing pinned in place.

December 1st 2010

Machine stitched the binding around the outside.

December 9th 2010

Binding hand stitched down at Jack and Monica’s while Dad was in hospital.

The quilt was given to Josh on Christmas Day with instructions to empty his pockets! He found assorted cars, pens, pencils, an eraser, pencil sharpener, dice, note pad and a hand full of stones from Great Grandpa’s garden … all the sort of stuff you would find in an eight year old boys jeans pockets.


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