This Quilter should stay out of the Kitchen!

I much prefer designing quilts to creating new recipes, but I think I have managed to do just that.

Decided to make Honey Crackles. Measured out the butter … doubled … not worth just making one batch! Then decided that the bowl wouldn’t be big enough to hold eight cups of corn flakes so changed my mind about doubling up.

They came out of the oven bubbling away, and smelt a lot more buttery than I remembered, though I did remind myself that it was a long time since I had made them so what would I know about the smell!

They cooled rock hard …. a butter toffee with corn flakes in it! I think it might be perfect crumbled up and served on ice cream, yoghurt …. anything which would benefit from a crunchy garnish. (That is, if it will crumble up, though I guess a hammer might help!)

One crackle toffee would be enough for at least two garnishes, so I have enough for fifty plus serves!


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