January 17 2011

Late this afternoon we went to Scowns Runaway Hole.

After rain run off heads to the lowest points, which around here is usually swamp areas, but this spot is a deep hole. The water flows in, and disappears, finding its way down into the aquifer quickly.

This is the first time in fourteen years it has had water running into it, and many more since it filled and overflowed.

It won’t fill this time, as the water is running out as quickly as it is running in,like a large funnel.

The water is about 2 metres deep around the base of that tree, but by morning it could be empty.

All the local swamps have similar runaway holes too, and it may take days for them to fill up, but they can be empty overnight.

The world’s very own deep drainage!


We are two hours west of Horsham, one of many Victorian towns being inundated with flood waters … the rain here was heavy, but not heavy enough to cause damage.

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