25 January 2011

When I was packing away the Christmas decorations this tree fell apart, held together by a set of lights and a bit of tinsel alternative.

To glue or wire it back together I had to remove the decorations to be able to get to the trunk, but in doing so I unwrapped a bit of tape which was holding the branches in place.

The trunk will be easy to fix together permanently.

Getting the branches back on  …. I have no idea what to do or how to do it!

Some of the options ..

Glue the trunk together, work out how to glue the branches back on.

Glue the trunk together, remove all the bottom half of the branches so that I can hang a ‘waterfall’ of decorations from the lowest remaining row of branches.

Use the remaining branches to make wreaths, garlands or bunches.

Interesting times ahead.

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