8th February 2011

Warning … everybody is entitled to my opinion … and you’re going to get it!

There has been a lot of water dumped on Australia recently, and perhaps it has soaked into reporters heads.

We have seen them wading through waist high flood water, standing in torrential rain, watching behind them when sheets of iron were blowing around in a cyclone, and on the other side of the country ducking embers from a raging fire.

Then there are the rude ones, and the ones who were disappointed that the body count wasn’t needed, and insist on sticking microphones in peoples faces as they cry because they have lost their home.

Next time put the microphone and clipboard down and give them a hug!

And the cameraman should put his camera down and join the hug.

The stupid questions … can’t blame them on recently inundated heads because they go on all the time … and not checking facts spouted by fellow idiots who are supposed to be newsworthy, and the rude questions asked out of context.

However, I have spent some time this morning reading comments from people who admire Tony Abbott’s restraint in not decking the guy from Channel Seven.

Apparently I am not the only one who has little or no respect for the majority of reporters.

The saddest part … these reporters think they are journalists.


If Abbott had been disrepectful he wuld have been king hit by the army personel who surrounded him when he made the comment!


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