Not Scrapbooking, just sticking scraps into books for future reference.


It has got to the point that I have itchy fingers, feeling the need to handle fabric needle and thread, but paper is the current focus of my stuff-ups.

I used to have a pile of magazines about a mile high … well, that is an exaggeration, but there were lots of them. A friend passed on another pile recently as well. Over the last two or three years I have been sorting the scraps of paper saved over about 30 years into scrap books, but there was still a lot of magazines.

I think I have pulled them all out of hiding, and pulled them apart … saved the bits I wanted for future reference, the rest was added to the recycling bin, with a few intact magazines passed on to others.

Instead of that pile of magazines I now have a pile of scrap books, though in the new parlance perhaps I should call them journals. They reside in my filing cabinet, and the next project is to clear off the shelves the magazines used to inhabit and use that space for display and books like I intended. I have already added some hand write notes to emphasise why I have kept some pictures … none of the designs will be used, but have been kept for inspiration, starting points for future designs for quilt blocks and quilts, and other crafty projects.

More scrap books are waiting attention … I am clearing out the boxes containing bits of rag dolls from a former life, but want to keep a record of all the original designs.I am still sorting doll pieces, patterns and scant instructions into some sort of order so that all the relevant information is saved … in some sort of order!

Photo above is from a previous scrapbooking session … photos of the current project will happen when I finish the doll project, which has already taken about 6 weeks fitted in between the rest of life activities, and get covers on all the books. (Some of the books have to be made … loose pieces of paper will be stitched or glued together … then covered!).

I have also printed off twelve months worth of Virtual Quilter … the first three months in 2008 and all of 2010 have already been printed and bound, but the whole of 2009 was not done … now it is half way!


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