The Cover is Not the Book

An interesting article on books, real and ebooks, art books, simply for reading

The Cover is Not the Book

from Making Handmade Books by Alisa
I love books, reading them, sticking stuff in them, browsing through them, writing in them, covering them, …

and have discovered when I am covering them that it is a good idea to keep the covers, front and back, flat and smooth … so they glide into their space on the shelf, or sit comfortably in a stack by the bed.

Cover art work is usually only seen if the book is on the top of a stack, or is part of a special display. Homes and libraries don’t have shelf space for displaying book covers, only spines of books.

However, the spine can be decorated with all sorts of trims, because the spine is what we see most of when a book is on the shelf, and it doesn’t have to sit in close proximity with other books, or anything else.

But,with any book, it is what is inside which counts.

Love the cover of the scrapbook above, but it is a pain to get onto the shelf!


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