CD Storage Book … First Attempt

The zip-up CD storage we use in the car was starting to fall apart and I couldn’t find a replacement in the shops, so like any good crafter I started work on making something to do the job.

CD Storage Plan 12

First effort looks OK from the outside.

CD Storage Plan 11

Looks OK on the inside too, but it soon became obvious that there were a few design failures.

CD Storage Plan 13

The CDs had a slight tendency to slide out … only if the book was tipped at any angle other that vertical, mind you.

CD Storage Plan 15

The holes I added using your average hole punch were too big, and the pages tended act a bit like single sheets of paper in a pile rather than pages firmly held in a book.


Note that the discs used in this demonstration are not musical, and not for the car either … just when I worked out the design flaws in this one, and worked out how to make it all better, I found some plastic zip up models to use in the car.

Still, it looks OK sitting upright on a shelf, and as I buy discs in the bulk packs and it will keep twenty of them from rolling around the place providing I don’t tip the book too far from upright!


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