CD Storage Book in a Box

CD Stordage Boxed Folders01

At the start of 2013 I had made up my mind to concentrate on increasing the number of patterns available from my website.

I started converting printed pattern files into PDF format, and as I was working on an eight year old computer with a suspected limited life span I started putting together all the files required and saving them onto CDs.

However, CDs come cheaper in bulk packs. I don’t have drawers the right height to store CDs upright even if I put them in envelopes or plastic packs.

I tried making a CD storage book for the car, but with design faults, then found the commercially made variety suitable for being knocked around in the car, but the creative juices were starting to think of new and improved versions to use inside the house.

Besides, while I was sitting at the computer I was learning new ways to create patterns from my designs and new ways to get them onto the website … and the stack of CDs was growing, and there will be more added to the pile as I record music from vinyl to CD, and scan my parents photos to computer, DVD and probably memory sticks as well. I already had 15 CDs of my Dad’s 78s to store somehow!

So, I had learned from the first version that A4 paper wasn’t big enough … but how about scrap booking paper.

CD Stordage Boxed Folders03

Folded the right way I got double sided storage pages with room for two CDs from one sheet of paper.

CD Stordage Boxed Folders04

Stitched together I have a folder which will hold twenty CDs.

CD Stordage Boxed Folders02

As I was creating the CDs I started saving the files onto a USB memory stick as I found this to be the easiest way of moving the files to the lap top … there was a generation gap between the two computers so I couldn’t connect them via any sort of local network. If I kept the sticks as well as the CDs I would have two generations of storage outside the two computers … hopefully I will never need so much backup, but esier to save it all now than later! If necessary I can carry a stick with me to any where any time and have access to those files on any computer.

So, if I put the book of CDs in a box with a little bit of room left over I could store the and a memory stick in there too …

CD Stordage Boxed Folders05

… away from the computers …

CD Stordage Boxed Folders06

… and it just so happened that I had just the right box … lots of them actually … the joys of being a golf widow is access to a ready supply of sturdy boxes just the right size for my new storage system.

CD Stordage Boxed Folders09

And yes, one brand of golf balls goes by the name of Freak!

CD Stordage Boxed Folders08

I decided I should add labels which could be removed easily in case I change my mind about the contents … or the wording I use to describe those contents.

Plastic milk bottles are readily available, with a new supply of labels every few days!


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