Storage Box for 78s on CD

CD Stordage Boxed Folders10

Dad had a collection of music … from the days of 78rpm to CDs

When he moved into aged care I asked his brother-in-law, my uncle, to record the 78s onto CD using my record player.

We finished up with 15 CDs.

By default, my uncle got to keep the records after Dad died, and I got the master copy of the CDs

which I copied for anybody who wanted to listen to the music of the forties and fifties, complete with a few scratches!

(I admit to creating some of the scratches using a wind up portable record player!)

CD Stordage Boxed Folders11

The paper coves of the records were rather tatty and quite a few were reduced to single pieces of paper. New paper covers were made for the where the cover had fallen apart, and I saved the remaining bits of vintage paper, so used the scraps to cover a box to hold the CDs.

(Might have to make some brown paper envelopes to replace those pristine white ones!)

CD Stordage Boxed Folders13

Perfect time to use some of the paper!

The box is big enough to hold a list of all the songs and artists.

CD Stordage Boxed Folders16

While sorting through the scraps I found that Dad had written the name of his hometown, and mine, on one of the covers.

No further labeling required.

CD Stordage Boxed Folders12

Music and memories in one box!


2 thoughts on “Storage Box for 78s on CD

    • So are we … and glad that to do so we don’t all need a huge record cabinet to store it in! The collection altogether I think would be a stack about a three or four feet tall, maybe more.

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