CD Storage Box with Envelopes

CD Storage 3 9

I am all prepared to make books to fit into boxes to store CDs when I find out that making envelopes is far quicker!

Might still go for the book or folder option most of the time though … if I ever have to remove a CD from storage it is more likely to go back in if there isn’t a handy envelope around … the naked CD needs to go somewhere so I will put it back into the folder in the box!

(Mind you, I then have to remember to put the box back where it belongs … not that they have a spot to belong to yet!)

CD Storage 3 1

A piece of template plastic cut to the required width is a guide for folding A4 paper into an envelope.

CD Storage 3 2

Fold this way  …. the template is roughly centered.

CD Storage 3 3

Fold that way.

CD Storage 3 4

Rotate the paper and fold the other way.

CD Storage 3 5

Cut away the excess bits.

CD Storage 3 7

A little secret … I folded and cut two or three pieces at a time.

CD Storage 3 8

Ready to stick the bottom flap to the side flaps.

CD Storage 3 9

Cover a golf ball box with a picture from a calender.

The calender in question has covered seven boxes and there are five or more covers for folders/books waiting to be put together!

Storage for 20 CDs or DVDs done in about half an hour, with about fourteen envelopes ready for the next box!


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