Beads Restrung

July 2013



A couple of years ago I bought a string of beads from second hand shop, but before I could wear them the string broke.

I went back and bought the other matching string to wear, but was never quite game to put it on because I thought it might break too.

Eventually I decided I had something in the wardrobe which I could wear those beads, but not like they were.


I strung this together, using a bit less than the first broken string and using the beads in a different order to the original.


Then I strung this together from the leftovers of the broken string, and some from the spare string.

I can wear them singly or as a double

Three pieces for the price of two, and there is still  enough for another one!


All photos taken within a few minutes of each other … best reproduction of colour is the middle photo.


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