Altered Book

In 2003 I started altering a book.

It started as a hardcover non-fiction which I found in a library sale, thinking that my Dad would like it. He returned it with the rest of the books I had found for him after he finished reading them … and I had some Christmas cards with Aussie and humour theme, and I started playing with the two. Just a collection of cards in a scrap book … with a difference.

Nothing fancy … just removed some pages, replaced the volume with Christmas cards. Toyed with the idea of colouring the pages, but don’t like the mess of painting and there were too many pages to colour them with pencils or crayon. Besides there  wasn’t much page left by the time I added the cards!

Forward to Jan 2012.

I had a heap of cards I thought would be suitable for the altered book … and miracle of miracles … I was looking at stuff to bin when I found the book itself!

Lots of cards binned (we have recycling bin as well as rubbish), lots af cards added to the book, others sorted into a shoe box for other projects.

The book is now a bit over half full … and it is back on the shelf where it used to be, so maybe I will be able to find it a little more regularly in the future. Project has taken ten years to reach half way … and counting down to the finish!

Note to self … take a photo!

December 2013

Sorting through stuff again, and found more cards … with more Aussie designs amongst them and sat down and filled the remainder of the book! Took about an hour!

Note to self … now I REALLY need to take that photo!


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