Ironing and Cutting Board


I have had this wonderful tool in my sewing room for several years … and love it.

I do not like cutting, or ironing, at regular table height, and had never found a board for either job I thought I would use at workshops or retreats.


I bought a large size mat for my permanent cutting table but it was too big. First problem was cutting a self-healing cutting mat! I used a ruler but replaced the rotary cutter with a craft knife and some elbow grease.

Now I needed something to lift it up to my preferred cutting height.

This is when I called on the man of the house.

Two pieces of MDF a little larger than the leftover piece of mat … I could have used any mat … and six legs just long enough to raise the height.


I glued the mat to one side of the portable table, and it works beautifully.

The other side I covered with a layer of kitchen foil, a piece of old blanket, and covered it with fabric from my stash, using staples to hold everything together.


At the last minute I got one of the legs separating the two boards with a piece of broom handle so it can be easily carried to and from the car.

Between excursions it sits in my sewing room with the ironing side up … who needs a full size ironing board when you are quilting?

The cutting mat gets used away from home … and when I want to work at the kitchen table.

By chance, there is enough room between top and bottom to put the iron under there when I am cutting, and the rotary cutter fits quite easily along with a ruler or two when I am ironing!


2 thoughts on “Ironing and Cutting Board

    • Kay,

      Easy enough for any average handyman, or woman, to copy, and it could be adjusted to suit the available space and cutting board. Also choice of colour and fabric for the ironing board cover!

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