Tree Top with Strings of Beads

November 2013


In 2004 I was given a tree to use in a display and the owner didn’t want it back even after I had tidied it up somewhat.

It had foliage all the way to the bottom at that point, but as I put it away early this year the bottom branches just fell off!

I tried to work out a method of putting it all back together again, and I think I could have but with the help of all the King’s horses and all the King’s men. They were busy elsewhere, and as I also wanted a tree top to use as above I had the perfect excuse to make something I wanted anyway!


I wrapped the now naked tree trunk with fabric strips over the bare timber dowel.

The small beaded drops had been waiting for a tree to hang about on, so they came out of the cupboard, then I made the strings of beads to fall from the lowest branches all the way to the bottom of the trunk.


The star on the top was used on the tree before it lost its lower foliage.


I found the ribbon tied to the trunk at a car boot sale in Loxton when I went through there on my way to the Renmark Quilt Exhibition after I had the rest of the tree ready for Christmas.

Wonder how many more lives this tree will have?

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