Vegemite (Security Seal) Wreath


Have always thought that the security seal part of a plastic lid on jars was pretty much useless.

But what if … you take some fluffy yarn and a crochet hook and cover them up?

Great size to hang on a tree, and very light, but would look better in white or green!

Add a bow and a hanger and it is done in about fifteen minutes.

PS For those around the world who don’t recognize Vegemite and probably can’t buy it anyway, peanut butter is one of many foods which come in similar sized jars.

Might have to try some milk bottle seals for small trees.

Update Australia Day 2014


Tried using some fluffy yarn which had been crocheted into a chain … like it. Added a gold earring with a silver heart added and tied it to one of the Christmas trees before it went into storage.


Then found some scraps of yarn left over from making a tree and covered tow more of the Vegemite jar rings … added a trim from some old gift tags and they are ready to hang somewhere next year. next year.

The little one is the security seal from a milk bottle top … now to find something small enough for a trim in it!

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