Orphan Bookshelf

IMG_1306 (2)


Two antique cupboards being moved into the house meant quite a lot of movement, including a small cupboard which came with our son’s first home purchase as a bit of a wreck in the shed. It’s position in the lounge room was taken over by one of two family heirlooms and while it was mobile I decided I should strip the orphan shelf sitting on top of it so it would match the rest of the cupboard.

The shelf is only about a quarter of a century old at most, but it was cobbled together by a friend from bits and pieces in his shed, and some of the pieces are obviously much older. I removed the plywood back and added some scraps of stuff left over from repairs to the house we live in after the paint came off, then added a couple of coats of Danish Oil. I have left enough evidence for a conviction of the teen or teens who added some of the coats of paint, ranging from black to white with several others in between. Makes my dark green addition to cover them up look quite presentable by comparison, but like the near naked look much better!

The shelf is now installed back on its support base, and quickly filled with books! I almost didn’t get a photo to show the new back on the old shelf the books were moving so fast.


IMG_1307 (2)

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