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You Can’t have too many Friends, or Bears 2004

Billy Tea … but no Damper

Heather’s Horses Again 2004

Olde Worlde Santa 2002

It’s all in the Wording

Nine Patch from Boston 1997

Moonta Bay Jetty 2005

Holly Wreath Table Topper 2004

Christmas Gold 2004

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Pair of Peacocks

Australia in Black and White

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Christmas Gold


14th January 2005


2.25pm, 16th December 2006

The blocks were made for me by members of the

Golden Harvest Quilters

as farewell gift, and came with a piece of fabric to match, a plant

and Life Membership,

all presented one after the other when I visited them on a meeting day in August, after the 2004 Retreats.

As those who were there on the day I received my blocks should know, I was thrilled, and challenged! I had to think about how I would put them together while I unpacked, and for some time after.

The first problem was that here were so many blocks that I would have to make lots of wall hangings. Or a quilt! And if it was to be a quilt, how about queen size for our bed, and leave out the wadding so we would actually use it during summer.

(The spare bed was covered when I won the ‘Can’t see the forest for the trees’ blocks all those years ago at Corny Point.)

The techniques used include applique, foundation piecing, embroidery and cross stitch, and there are buttons of all sorts and other trims added!

The special fabric was purchased from Seymour Crafts, so I visited Ally to add some other matching fabrics to the stash, just in case I needed them for this project.

Before the blocks became threadbare from me playing with them,

I put the small borders around each one in Jan 2005, and got them together, though still ragged around the edges two days later.

The quilt was put together one piece at a time, using those fabrics from Ally and others from the stash, and the time spread itself over two years.


The project was left a bit rough around the edges for more thinking time while I planned the border.

It came out again in May 2006 and but it was not until the day the Golden Girls celebrated their 20th birthday on Wednesday 13th September 2006 that it became less ragged.

On that day Glenice, Vonnie, Marlene S and Ruth C

joined Helen, Joy and me as Life Members.

Finished putting the top together on the day the Golden Girls were celebrating our 20th birthday, (13th September 2006)

Bought the backing in November 2006, and did the bulk of the machine quilting

on Dec 13th, 2006, while the Golden Girls were celebrating Christmas together

at the home of Judy Neate, Hardwick Bay.

The binding was stitched on, and partly stitched down, on 15th of December,

and it was on the bed within five minutes of the final stitch going in

at 2.25pm on December 16th 2006

It looks absolutely wonderful, and every time Brian wiggles a toe bells ring! (I’m not telling you what is going on when the bells ring for extended periods of time, but we will have to curtail that sort of activity while we have guests!)

I am delighted with the results, and will be sad to put it away during the colder months, but what a thrill it will be to get it out when the Christmas decorations come out for their annual airing.

It is unlikely that I will ever forget the Golden Harvest Quilters, but I have no doubt that the memories will come back every Christmas despite age and old timers disease!

Flat quilted (no wadding) by machine

and used on our bed during the Christmas season.

Moonta Bay Jetty

18th July 2005 –4th December 2006

Printed the picture of Moonta Bay Jetty as an experiment,

did the quilting as a practice before starting to quilt a large quilt,

then found it at the right time to add binding and call it a placemat

for the gift swap at the 2006 Gumtree Quilters Christmas Party.

Of course, I did the binding at the last minute

and had to find the wrapping paper,

have a shower and get to the party in a hurry, and forgot to take a photo,

but with the wonders of modern technology I have put together

something like it for the sake of these records.


The seagull was photographed at Office Beach, Wallaroo,

and was added to the picture after borders,

and in the real thing it is larger

and placed partly over the border..

13.5 x 11inches Designed by Judy Butcher © 2006

Nine Patch from Boston

The blocks were started using scraps from Boston is not so Common as soon as the pieces of that quilt were strung together, and these blocks were completed the same day, 29th October 1997.

The remaining scraps were saved for the border, but plans were changed. I think they are still in the stash, but perhaps have found their way into another project.

In June, 2004, I pieced the blocks together as they are now, but with a different fabric, but didn’t like it, so practised reverse stitching. The pieces if the fabric I didn’t like in this quilt are still in the stash, as I saw them not long ago. I also decided to leave out three of the completed blocks, and they were made into a table runner, which was completed in July 2004.

The borders were added to this project on July 5th, 2004. Over two years later I bought backing, made the quilt sandwich and quilted it by machine, added binding and stitched it down, October– November 2006.

It is badly quilted because it was badly sandwiched, as I used spray basting and did it in a hurry. I tell people spray basting is only suitable for small quilts, and to take their time! I stretched the blocks on the diagonal in the first attempt to get them flat after adding the spry, and they got worse with every attempt to straighten them out. So please do as I say, not as I do!


Nine Patch from Boston took nine years one month to complete,

even though I probably only spent a week working on it over all those years.

Size 55 x 66 inches, 140 x 165 cm

Donated to Bushfire Appeal 2009

It’s all in the Wording

Completed on November 25th 2006

In August, 2005 I borrowed a book from Glenice called

Quilt Treasures, which documented The Quilter’s Guild Heritage Search.

I saw a quilt featuring a monogram which included all the letters of the alphabet,

and started playing with the idea immediately.

It was twelve months before Glenice got her book back!

In July 2006, at the Golden Harvest Quilters Hi-Fibre Retreat,

I started cutting fabric to try the ideas in a wall hanging.

The panel was completed that weekend.

It was bordered, sandwiched, quilted and bound in November 2006.

The title came about because people wanted to know what it said.

My answer is that you can read into it whatever you like.

Every English word is there, even the swear words,

if you look hard and find the letters in the right order.

15¼ inches x 21½ inches (39 cm x 54.5 cm)


Glenice was laid to rest soon after we moved from Bordertown to Crystal Brook,

Michelle called me a few weeks later to let me know that there would be a garage sale to clear some of the contents of the stash. 

I selected a variety of items from what was on offer, including the book!

Olde Worlde Santa

olde-world-santa-002 Santa panel was purchased from Judith and Kathryn, Tanunda,

during a Mystery Bus Trip with the Golden Harvest Quilters.

One of the fellow travellers told them that whatever I did with it would be great,

so I hope it lives up to all expectations.

It was done over a period of time, with borders added before the Christmas in July Exhibition

which I put together in 2002, but didn’t start quilting until July 2005.

Found heaps of toy buttons in Seymour Crafts, Country Craft and in Murray Bridge,

while the tree pot came from Warracknabeal.

The figure was quilted in 2005, the background in 2006 at Gumtree Quilters meetings,

with the tree crocheted onto wire and binding stitched down at another meeting.

The outer border was machine quilted and tree and toys added in November 2006.

14 x 18 inches

Holly Wreath Table Topper


Pieced background blocks from the stash of creamy background prints, rather than put them away after moving to Bordertown from Kadina, but got carried away. Started in June 2004, along with three other projects, and borders were added before the appliqué was started.

The holly was fused on in October 2004 after cutting out some of the shapes a the Hi-fibre Retreats, and added the table topper to the UFO pile for a couple of years.

In November 2006 the wadding and backing were cut out, and machine appliquilted and bound on the 9th and 10th December 2006, with a tiny bit of hand quilting done over the next few days.

Only one more of the four projects started on July 22, 2004 to be completed. Maybe next year.

Machine pieced, machine and hand quilted, Applique fused onto background

and stitched on during machine quilting, hence Appliquilt.

33.5 inches square (85cm) All cotton fabric, cotton wadding

Billy Tea ….. but no damper


The labels, left over from ‘Louie the Fly’

(which was started in 1997 and is still unfinished)

fell out of a box while I was looking for the printed panels for

‘Australia in Black and White’

It was started immediately after that quilt top was completed on 23rd October,

and with a pause to put together the echidna tea towel which was in the same box, it was completed, quilted and with binding added, two days later.

All cotton fabric from the stash, with patched wadding from the scrap bag,

so I can call this project a freebie.

Machine pieced and quilted.

25 inches wide, 31.5 inches long.

64 cm x 80cm

You can’t have too many Friends

………………..or too many Bears

you-cant-have-too-many-bears-002At the Golden Harvest Quilters 2003 Hi-fibre Retreats I handed out the first of three lots of instructions for a Square Sally.

( Somebody asked how Round Robins got here name because they are usually square, so …..)

My soft and cuddly character was meant to be a portrait of B C Bear, but there wasn’t a suitable background fabric, so I changed his fur colour, and he became Chubby Chops.

The bear was cut out on July 15th 2004, just before I wrote the second lot of instructions which said to give him/her/it something to read, but he was completed and borders were added before the retreats started.

There are advantages to knowing what is coming next year!

The quote was added using Fabrico marker, and is an adaptation of a quote from Imelda Marcos, who said you can’t have too many shoes or too many friends.

Bought two fabrics at the 2004 Retreats, one from Country Craft, one from Barossa Quilt Cottage, with bears on them, so I could give my bear something to play with before bringing back the completed project in 2006.

The hand quilting was done at Gumtree Quilters meetings between 2005 and 2006 retreats.


Riding all the way home


Seat Covers

I made a quilt featuring horses for Heather Hall some time ago, and she commissioned seat covers for a pair of chairs which match a cane table.

The horse in question this time is one year old Maisie, who belongs to Leah and Blue Harvey, Kadina.


A photo of Maisie was edited to remove the background, then a background added before printing onto fabric. Horseshoe and flower were machine appliquéd, then hand quilted.