Faux Feathers and the Family Jewels

2014 New Faux Feather Tree and the Family Jewels 05

The new tree was going to be the home for a wide variety of different decorations, but finally it wears the family jewels … broken and discarded jewelry from assorted family members, including my Mum, sisters and daughter, along with a few trophy medals won at golf by the Man of the House.

2014 New Faux Feather Tree and the Family Jewels 07

Looks impressive, but not a lot of diamonds and pearls!

Crochet Coathangers

Copy of 2014 Crochet Covered Coathangers 3

Dry cleaner style wire coathangers, a crochet hook and some oddments of yarn.

The one above is a bulky yarn which is the best for this sort of project … didn’t take long to do!

Copy of 2014 Crochet Covered Coathangers 2

Took longer to do these, partly because it is finer yarn, partly because I was trying to work out the best way to tackle the job!

The top one gold one looks like it has been moth eaten in reality … looks way better in the photo!

Second one is just single crochet worked over the wire … and is enough padding for everyday clothing … the loopy crochet adds more padding for longer term storage or for special outfits.

I have a pack of twenty to cover!

Faux Feathers Christmas Tree

Jan – Feb 2014


Another addition to the forest completed!

Another combination of a broom handle, wire, beads and yarn held up by some old books covered with fabric.

Now testing decorations at it looks like it will be a home for handmade items which are predominantly red, tied on with red ribbon.


Or maybe I will use red yarn to tie decorations on.

5 foot 2 tall, 18 inches wide.

Flat Pack Parcel Tree Trims

January 26th 2014


The packages are squares cut from some plastic packaging, the ribbon was part of the wrapping for less flat items.

Love the fact that they are see through!

Hardest part of the project was getting the glue off my fingers.

Loopy Table Top Tree

January 2014


When other people had their decorations back in storage I started putting together some new trees.

Some loopy crochet over wire branches, held upright by a dowel glued firmly into a pile of books.

I am thinking the books will get a coat of paint.

Decorations on this for now are heavy metal … copper, pewter and brass bits and pieces.

Update Jan 2014

The Book base has been painted dark green, and the current decorations will be replaced!

Packed it away before a photo session.

Tree Top with Strings of Beads

November 2013


In 2004 I was given a tree to use in a display and the owner didn’t want it back even after I had tidied it up somewhat.

It had foliage all the way to the bottom at that point, but as I put it away early this year the bottom branches just fell off!

I tried to work out a method of putting it all back together again, and I think I could have but with the help of all the King’s horses and all the King’s men. They were busy elsewhere, and as I also wanted a tree top to use as above I had the perfect excuse to make something I wanted anyway!


I wrapped the now naked tree trunk with fabric strips over the bare timber dowel.

The small beaded drops had been waiting for a tree to hang about on, so they came out of the cupboard, then I made the strings of beads to fall from the lowest branches all the way to the bottom of the trunk.


The star on the top was used on the tree before it lost its lower foliage.


I found the ribbon tied to the trunk at a car boot sale in Loxton when I went through there on my way to the Renmark Quilt Exhibition after I had the rest of the tree ready for Christmas.

Wonder how many more lives this tree will have?

Vegemite (Security Seal) Wreath


Have always thought that the security seal part of a plastic lid on jars was pretty much useless.

But what if … you take some fluffy yarn and a crochet hook and cover them up?

Great size to hang on a tree, and very light, but would look better in white or green!

Add a bow and a hanger and it is done in about fifteen minutes.

PS For those around the world who don’t recognize Vegemite and probably can’t buy it anyway, peanut butter is one of many foods which come in similar sized jars.

Might have to try some milk bottle seals for small trees.

Update Australia Day 2014


Tried using some fluffy yarn which had been crocheted into a chain … like it. Added a gold earring with a silver heart added and tied it to one of the Christmas trees before it went into storage.


Then found some scraps of yarn left over from making a tree and covered tow more of the Vegemite jar rings … added a trim from some old gift tags and they are ready to hang somewhere next year. next year.

The little one is the security seal from a milk bottle top … now to find something small enough for a trim in it!