Jeans for Josh

9th October 2010

Earlier in the week I went op shopping in Berri, Loxton and Pinnaroo and came home with denim, in the form of jeans and a skirt, along with three bedspreads and a tablecloth.  Two days of cutting twelve and a half inch squares, and making up more squares from smaller sections and I had over 50 squares of denim! I only needed one quilt!

11th October 2010

The blocks started becoming quilt tops … and this one was first cab off the rank. It was also the top lot of blocks laid out on our bed today, so I had to concentrate on getting the bed cleared by bedtime. Others were on the spare bed and the lounge room floor!

November 30 2010

Backing pinned in place.

December 1st 2010

Machine stitched the binding around the outside.

December 9th 2010

Binding hand stitched down at Jack and Monica’s while Dad was in hospital.

The quilt was given to Josh on Christmas Day with instructions to empty his pockets! He found assorted cars, pens, pencils, an eraser, pencil sharpener, dice, note pad and a hand full of stones from Great Grandpa’s garden … all the sort of stuff you would find in an eight year old boys jeans pockets.

Patches for Paul

18th September 2010

After cutting and piecing together the Blue Jeans quilt top I had to get out the denim scrap box. Scraps left over from Blue Jeans for the Limousine which I made for Megan when she got her first car (the car was far from a limousine!) had been joined by some op shop jeans when I was making bags from jeans many moons ago.

Before I cut the border for Blue Jeans I sorted out enough bigger pieces to make two more quilt tops not quite as big as Blue Jeans.

23rd September 2010

The top went together reasonably well untill the last couple of seams, which involved four patches of stretch jeans in the corners. All the stretch runs across the quilt, so joining the vertical seams was fine …. the horizontal seams of the corner blocks stretched way out of shape, but eventually managed to get it under control.

14th October 2010

Pieced together binding strips cut from some dark, lightweight denim pieces I acquired several years ago from an op shop.

17th October 2010

Stitched binding on. Now I want something worth turning the tv on to ignore so I do the hand stitching. The backing is a bedspread donated by a friend. This will definitely be for the father, with another one in the making earmarked for son!

26th October 2010

Finished stitching the binding down!

The ‘quilting’ is a few scattered areas of  ‘darning’ by machine in grey thread … the sort of thing I would do on a pair of jeans to make them wearable for another season in the garden.

The quilt was handed over on Christmas Day, and Paul was instructed to empty his pockets of fishing gear, pens etc!

The feet belong to Paul, and so do the hands … well, one pair!

Wonder where Sala was when the photo was taken!


PS I am not the only one who has used the pockets ……… The Cozy Quilter did too!

Made in Fiji

9th October 2010 – 19th October

Started cutting assorted jeans and an ankle length skirt. The skirt is a real bonus! Will be able to colour code the various shades of denim into several quilts.

11th October 2010

The second quilt from the purchases made in Berri, Loxton and Pinnaroo op shops, including the long denim skirt which was made in Fiji … the label was inside the band, but have removed it to be stitched to the front later. All the pieces are laying on the spare bed. This one has a predetermined home to go to because of that label!

12th October 2010

Quilt top together by lunchtime.

17th October 2010

Binding ready to be stitched down by hand. Backing is a chenille bedspread purchased from an op shop a few years ago. Price was about $5 …. looked brand new!

19th October 2010

Binding completed, and first photos taken.

The centre row of buttons came from the long denim skirt, and the label will be attached to the back. The details of the quilt will go on the front with a permanent marker, along with signatures of well wishers when the quilt is handed over to the new owner.

I have already started stuffing stuff into the pockets. Items will include a packet of chewing gum, chocolate, odd coins, a pocket packet of tissues…. and a scrunched up loose tissue …. all the things you might find in the pockets of jeans when you are about to put them in the washing machine.

Completed on the eve of  Count your Buttons Day!

The quilt was handed over on Christmas Day and Sala was instructed to empty her pockets of earrings, pens and pencils, pencil sharpener and eraser, note pad, head band, purse and scarf  ….. the sort of things you might empty out of the pockets of any teenage girl.

Swinging Blue Jeans

18th September – 18th October 2010

After cutting and piecing together the Blue Jeans quilt top I had to get out the denim scrap box. Scraps left over from Blue Jeans for the Limousine which I made for Megan when she got her first car (The car was far from a limousine!) had been joined by some op shop jeans when I was making bags from jeans many moons ago.

Before I cut the border for Blue Jeans I sorted out enough bigger pieces to make two more quilt tops not quite as big as Blue Jeans.

21st September

Quilt top is together, and it looks like this.

There are a lot of what looks like grass stains …. they don’t show up near as much in real life ….. but maybe some bits of school boy jeans.

(I knew one who spent a lot of time creating grass stains on clothing!)

14th  October 2010

Layered the top with the backing …. part of the doona cover which was used for the back of the Washed Denim Quilt and cut the strips for a raggy edge.

15th October 2010

Stitched the strips around the edge for the raggy finish, and put it in th almost finished pile ….. I chased the vacuum cleaner around yesterday to remove all the little bits of thread which have come off the raggy bits of the quilts, and it is too cold today to go outside and snip the edges.

19th October

Clipped the edges and it is now washed and raggy round the edges.

Some of the grass stains have come out in the wash!

Finished size 44 x 60 inches

No wadding, denim top, poly-cotton backing.

Washed Denim Quilt

Started 9th October 2010, completed 13th October 2010

Started cutting assorted jeans after an op shop spree in Berrie, Loxton and Pinnaroo.

11th October 2010

The third quilt top from amongst the pieces, using some well washed jeans. No plans for this one at this time.

Pieced together before I went to bed as the pieces were laid out on our bed …. the spare bed was taken up by another lot of pieces!

13th October 2010

The backing is part of a doona cover which was found in one of the op shops. I added two strips of navy fabric around the raw edges of the quilt instead of binding the edges, giving it a raggy edge ….. a fun, easy finish for a fun quilt.

I might use this edging again, but bind the top in the usual way, as the raggy edge could look good around the other sides of a bed quilt, particularly in a pink and fluffy girls room!

Finished size 34 x 44 inches

Raggy Jeans Rug

Quilt in a Day 13th October 2010

Twelve squares of dark denim …. cut from near new jeans …. backed with a cream fabric which formerly backed a bedspread.

Pieced together before breakfast …. my morning exercise was walking from the spare bedroom carrying two blocks correctly aligned to the sewing room down the passage, stitching, then returning for the next piece! This was before daylight, so working, or walking, outside was not an option at that time.  After the event realised I had stitched within a hairsbreadth of a stud ….. an extra cup of heart starter was required with the bowl of muesli!

Life returned to more normal activities for the morning, but still managed to get the snipping of seam allowances done by lunchtime, after thinking it was done soon after breakfast, but finding a few seams waiting for the snips just before I was going to put it in the machine.

Finished size 36 x 45 inches

The Red Black and White Quilts.

On Australia Day, 2007, John Hector asked me to make a quilt for

his wife, and my best mate from high school days, Viv.

I asked him what her favourite colour was, and being a typical bloke,

he had to go and ask her.

He came back and said, ‘she’s playing silly buggers, she said St Kilda!’

I came home wondering what I would do in red, black and white,

and found what I wanted already in the TIS pile.

TIS stands for Top in Storage.

And there wasn’t just one red white and black top, there were two!

Both were made in 1993, when I was experimenting with Patchwork Jigsaw patterns.

This was the first time I had gone out and bought fabric specifically for Patchwork Jigsaws, and I bought them from Lyn Uphill, Riverlea Quilts.

Red, Black’n’White was the first one cut out in August,

with the leftovers cut out for Minaret for Medina 2,

and both were pieced over three days in September, 1993.

The other two Minaret’s have long been finished

but I never had a place or purpose for this version.

Both served me well quite a few times, as Patchwork Jigsaw samples when I was teaching workshops .

But now there was a reason to finish them both!

I bought a bright red and a black and very dark green check from Almond Grove Quilts, Loxton to add borders to turn both cot size wall hangings into lap quilts for grown-ups.

One would be the one John asked me to make for Viv,


the other I would give to Viv so she could give one to John in return.


Finally started hand quilting Minaret using Perle Cotton No 5 thread around the more dominant shapes in October, 2007,

then machine meandered over the background spaces.

Red, Black’n’White was almost all hand quilted in November.

Both bindings were attached in December, 2007, with Red, Black’n’White completed on the 20th, and Minaret for Medina 2 on the 21st.

Dad and Sue took the quilts when they came down for Christmas 2007,          and delivered them to Viv and John early January, 2008.

Lea’s Floral Fabric Quilt

crafty-calender057This quilt was inspired by a piece of floral fabric given to me by a friend, Lea. I tossed the fabric into the cupboard and it landed next to the matching plain fabrics.

It was made between May and August 1985, with 12 blocks from the book I was using as a teaching aid,  Sampler Quilts by Dianna Leonne.

Machine pieced, hand quilt as you go blocks, and used for quite a few years as a throw in our lounge room. The colours above are pretty true(on my monitor anyway) while the quilt below is pretty true to the way it looked when it left home with Nigel.