Red Table Cloth and Runner

May 2015


My daily grind, each and every day, within reason, includes putting away or getting stuff out of my sewing room. Some of it goes into the bin, sometimes it goes into the op shop basket … sometimes it is turned into something useful and put into use or stored for when I want it, for myself or as a gift … or maybe it goes into the op shop basket.

This red fabric was given to me because I tend to over decorate for Christmas, but it is too thick for most of the smaller items I could think of, so I fringed out the ends a little, then zig zagged to stop it fringing further … and labelled it as a tablecloth. Now I am ready for the next outdoor Christmas party at our place … or any outdoor party when we can use a red theme, which I guess is pretty much any party. It will also fit the kitchen table inside.

There is a matching runner made out of a smaller scrap of the fabric, while the smallest piece was used to test the stitches, but decided against trying to get the runner to stay on the table in the wind … as it was I had only just got back inside when it started to rain.

It took me longer to do the fringing on one end of one of the items than it took to do all the stitching.