Crafty Pages

A reference page for things I might want to do  … one day!


Tool Time Tuesday…Easy Frosted Glass Projects


Easy Peasy Wire Bead Tutorial


For the Love of Beads


This next one is just to drool over!

 Su Blackwell’s Portfolio of

Book Sculptures



Interesting method of

putting a fabric book together

by Maya on her blog

Million Little Stitches


Fabric Book

on Shade Tree Art blog



Prepare your doll for Paper Clay

From the blog

Freaky Little Dolls



Stitch Dictionary

by Sharon

who has a blog



How to make a French Knot

by Susan Brubaker Knapp on her blog

Blue Moon River


Needle Weaving


Needle Weaving 2

by Sandra Leichner

on her blog

Sandra’s Snippets


Needle in a Haystack

gives details of the variety of needles available for handwork and is on the blog

Feeling Stitchy


Hand made or Machine Made Lace or Embroidery?

Article by Vincent on his blog

Work of Hands





Watch this space!

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