Charms of Christmas

2009 Scrap Books July 001The book is new, the contents newish, the cover new, but the title is recycled from a wallhanging.

2009 Scrap Books July 002

Some adverts, and some pictures of things I like.

2009 Scrap Books July 003

A pattern for an elf I might use one day. He is sooo cute!

2009 Scrap Books July 004

Some trees and one of the reindeers I just might need in the future.

Yahoo! The last of the Christmas scraps, and from now on  the plan is from here on all the Christmas and all the toys will go together.

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

2009 Scrap Books 015

A new scrap book, homspun cover, and some slightly twisted snomen freehand cut from scraps of fabric and fused in place.

I really wanted to use the snowman theme in the title of the book, but in the finish went with the three bells which help hold the book together!

2009 Scrap Books 017

As with the other Christmas scrapbooks this one is filled with scraps of magazines, these from 1990 to 2005. (All the scraps from this period ended up in a rather large pile, which slipped, and became rather a large paper slide, so they are all mixed up.)

2009 Scrap Books 018

The overall theme is Christmas, but ranges from primitive through country style to Victorian.

2009 Scrap Books 016

The page on the right has a six page article about Ol’ Saint Nick.

Christmas in July Scrapbook

2009 Scrap Books 020

This is an old book which was partly filled with designs started soon after I started quilting with the intention of making a Christmas Quilt. The quilt was made, the book was never filled or covered. It now holds a small part of the scraps saved from a pile of magazines.

2009 Scrap Books 021

An article about Christmas cards, with a few secrets hidden under the loose leaf on the right hand side.

2009 Scrap Books 022

These two designs were not used, and I am so glad I didn’t use that snowman! He would give me the creeps there as well as here! Note to self …… change the eyes before using this fellow in the future!

The pattern pages have been given a touch of colour with a few small pictures added.2009 Scrap Books 023

I don’t know that these two are much better, but they were used. What was I thinking with the back view of the angel? (I was trying to avoid doing a face, as this was before I was designing my own dolls.)


Quilts Started 8, finished 9

String of Beads Runner 2 2004

3 x Nine Patch Table Runner 2004

Santa at the Drovers Camp 2002

Double Wedding String of Beads Tale Topper 2004

Gumtree Quilters Scraps with the Gumnut Angels

The Hurrier I Go, the Behinder I get

Memory Lane

Brooke’s Bouquet 2001

My Dad’s OBE

Also started

Christmas Gold

9 Patch Table Runner in Pink

Double Wedding String of Beads Diagonal

Moonta Bay Jetty

It’s All in the Wording

Christmas Trees

String Pine with cotton reel trunk 5 foot


String of Beads

Double Wedding String of Beads

Monet’s Garden in Close–up


B C Bear

New ….Beginners One Day Workshop



Cedric was born up the River Murray,

on the houseboat ‘Un-wined’ in August 2004.

He was my second bear design,

though the next design, B C Bear, was completed before Cedric.

He is a composite of Baby Butch and B C Bear designs,

looking more like Baby Butch

but made from the same fur fabric as B C Bear.

B C Bear


B C Bear

‘Brian Charles’ or ‘before Cedric’

When I told Brian who this bear was he said ‘He looks nothing like me!’

I had no intentions of making a Cedric,

though there was another white bear cut out ready to stitch,

and a body left over from this one, as I redrafted the body while making B C.

B C Bear is the bear shape I have loved for some time, but there are not that many around as either patterns or bears.

I was quite chuffed to get this result so soon after making my first bear.