Shady Pine

Shady Pine

Shady Pine26th December 2014 – 30th November 2015

When I brought stuff home from my parents house three light shades were tossed into the car. I intended to put them in an op shop, but they went missing each time I bundled stuff up to be delivered.

One day I had to move them, and instead of stacking them upside down and inside each other as I had done up until them I stacked them right side up, sitting on top of each other. They formed a triangle a bit like a Christmas tree, and an idea was born.

( I really need to make more Christmas trees, as five-year Jake counted 13 two years ago, and decided there was still only 13 as a seven-year old a few days ago, but he was anxious to see if we had any electronic games he could play. I opened a tray of wooden blocks and tipped them out and told him to put them back in. Took him a while, but he told his Mum that it was a cool game!)

Two of the light shades had cream covering and I thought I could use them as they were, but on closer inspection the fabric was starting to rot, the glue holding the cover to the frame was starting to lose its grip, and they were rather dirty. New plan was to rip the covers off which took about 15 minutes.

(Thinking about it, Mum probably covered those frames when they moved off the farm … they lived in the town for quite a while … must find out when they moved!)

So, found some soft green furnishing fabric in the stash, and started a new project before the end of 2014 … hoping it will be finished in time to put away with the rest of the decorations … or next Christmas!

Now, I forgot to take photos before I started work, but maybe I could draw something in EQ to show what I hope it will look like! Another collection of Christmas tree appliques to be added to the collection! What do I do first, make the tree or do the drawings? I will try to concentrate on the real one … the virtual ones can wait until the real one is finished and in storage!

Update 31st December 2014

Copy of 2014 Light Shade Tree 1

Two light shades covered …

Copy of 2014 Light Shade Tree 2

… one more to go.

30th December 2014

All light shades covered, and the stick which will hold them up too.

2015 1 Shady Pine in Progress for web

Next step is to work out how to hold the stick/trunk upright!

Also the virtual designs are ready to be used in virtual quilts.

Shady Pines 1

The second in the top row is what I am planning for the real light Shady Pines.

Shady Pines 2


The rest are overkill!

All could use some decorations when they go into a quilt design.

Update November 30th 2015

Shady Pine

Click for a closer look!

The tree is holding up … by an out dated reference book … book hidden by matching fabric wrap … with glass bead drops tied on with ribbon. The finishing touches have only just been added and the tree put together, but after Christmas it will come apart again, so the light shades can be stored inside one another. Even the trunk will come out of the base to save room in the storage space.

One of few decorations which is allowed out of storage this year, as Butch will be on crutches from early December, and although he has been practicing, he is not too steady on crutches, and he hasn’t got a foot in plaster yet! Don’t want him to fall into a Christmas tree … he might get lost amongst the angels on there … or damage the tree!


Trees for Christmas

September 2009

We were staying with Blue and Leah, who are not interested in anything involving needle and thread, when I ran out of work to do. There was nothing much in their house of use in this situation, and I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a new project to fill in the remainder of the holidays. I had a sewing room full of fabrics, threads, tools, patterns, UFOs etc ….. I just wanted something to work on! I had assorted needles, scissors and a pencil, and Jordan had left a battered ruler and eraser on the kitchen table after doing his homework

The nearest craft shop had some wide cream homespun meant for a quilt backing as an end of roll special. They also had Perle thread and some thin iron on wadding to use as stabilizer. Leah had an iron and ironing board stored in the spare room which was our bedroom, so there was one tool I could make use of.

I started sketching ….. my skills are limited, but I managed the stick figure version of some different trees. I decided I would make them all the same triangular shape, but vary the style of foliage and branches. I found a cereal packet in the recycling bin, cut a rectangle as a template for the background block, and a triangle for the tree. I used the template to cut a heap of background pieces, and to mark the triangle onto some pages of the scrapbook I had found in Cheap as Chips – now my design book. A black marker turned the sketches into something I could trace onto the fabric.

(I chose a rectangle because it was easier to draw a rectangle when I was using the edge of a magazine for a ruler for anything longer than 5 inches … the length of th least battered edge of the ruler. The magazine also provided the right angle!)

By the time we came home I had six trees embroidered with simple variations of stem stitch.

November 2009

A weekend in Beachport …. more sketches, more embroidery.

July/August 2010

Took the bag with my holiday project to the Golden Harvest Quilter’s Retreat and did a couple more trees, but without the decorations at this point …… I think I am making a book of Christmas Trees …. there are too many trees now for a wallhanging, don’t see the trees making a wonderful quilt, so I will make them into pages of a fabric book. (PS 2010 have officially run out of room in this house for any more wall hangings .. don’t tell anybody, because I might still want to make some more!)

One of the new sketches was drawn from some young Norfolk Island Pines I could see from the cabin we stayed in during our stay in Beachport when I last worked on the stitcheries.

I have no idea how to decorate this one …. have ideas for all the others, but nothing for this one!

November 2010

Back in Beachport for another weekend of golfing (for Butch) and some stitching time for me.

All the photos so far were taken on this trip to Beachport.

Next outing … Marion Bay in December….. wonder how many more holidays before I need a new holiday project!

Christmas Toys

A collection of cards, pictures from magazines and some of my sketches of anything related to Christmas and toys to put under Christmas trees.

The card on the right with the rather ragged fairy was the inspiration for my Fairy Nice, and I have finally stuck it firmly into a scrap book.

Photos of Santas made while we lived in Yorketown, 1990 – 1995, a sketch for a doll I have never made, and some paper dolls from a magazine.

Magazine pictures, and Christmas cards … possible inspiration for toys, decorations and quilts.

More scraps saved from magazines.

The Christmas Tree who fell to pieces…..

Just like an old quilter!

I store Christmas trees in a cupboard with bags made from old curtains and sheets over them so they don’t get tangled together. (There are about a dozen in there.)

The biggest one is store bought, and comes apart for easy storage. However I store it in one of those bags standing straight and tall. Six feet tall. I removed a couple of smaller trees and started shuffling the big one out of the cupboard, and thought a little lift might be good weight training and assist getting it out of the cupboard into a small hall space already cluttered with previously removed trees.

I did say the tree would come apart for easy storage, didn’t I?

Well, it also comes apart when you lift by holding one of the upper sections. And come apart again when I tried to lift by gripping it a little lower, but still above the bottom section. I had managed to wedge myself in the cupboard to make more room for the tree in the limited space outside the cupboard.

The tree was still in the bag, but totally out of control, and sort of collapsed in a bent and twisted shape in what now looked like a body bag containing a very broken body, in this case held together by not one, but three, sets of lights.

At this point the five foot tall tree which had already made it’s escape from the cupboard, and the bag which it had worn over it’s head for ten and a half months, decided to join the party and fell over the big bagged tree and landed back in the cupboard to embrace me.

You are going to have to picture the scene all by yourself.

The camera was out of reach until I managed to get Humpty back together again. And thankfully there were no witnesses.

Bit tree with Handmade Tree Trims

This is what the tree looked likefor a previous Christmas, and all the decorations are still on there even after I untangled the lights and got it all back into one piece. Wonder if superglue will hold it all together. Or perhaps a few screws ……….

Christmas Tree with Tied Yarn

May 30 2008yarn-tied-on-2The idea for this tree has been

running around in the brain for a long time.

I didn’t have any idea how much yarn might be used,

so when I found green yarns in Spotlight I bought up big,

and started making the tree with about 48 balls of assorted yarns

in the stash.

The trunk is a broomstick, there is the usual wire and beads, held sort of upright with a pile of five books.

It took three very long days to tie on just 22 of the 48 balls of yarn.

This is about the most boring task I have ever set myself.

However, I knew after half a day the tree was going to look OK.

The only problem I have with the result is that I don’t want to add too many decorations because the tree itself looks so good.

5 ft 6 in (66 inches 0r 170 cm)

Charms of Christmas

2009 Scrap Books July 001The book is new, the contents newish, the cover new, but the title is recycled from a wallhanging.

2009 Scrap Books July 002

Some adverts, and some pictures of things I like.

2009 Scrap Books July 003

A pattern for an elf I might use one day. He is sooo cute!

2009 Scrap Books July 004

Some trees and one of the reindeers I just might need in the future.

Yahoo! The last of the Christmas scraps, and from now on  the plan is from here on all the Christmas and all the toys will go together.

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

2009 Scrap Books 015

A new scrap book, homspun cover, and some slightly twisted snomen freehand cut from scraps of fabric and fused in place.

I really wanted to use the snowman theme in the title of the book, but in the finish went with the three bells which help hold the book together!

2009 Scrap Books 017

As with the other Christmas scrapbooks this one is filled with scraps of magazines, these from 1990 to 2005. (All the scraps from this period ended up in a rather large pile, which slipped, and became rather a large paper slide, so they are all mixed up.)

2009 Scrap Books 018

The overall theme is Christmas, but ranges from primitive through country style to Victorian.

2009 Scrap Books 016

The page on the right has a six page article about Ol’ Saint Nick.