New Species Christmas Tree Fabric Foliage

fabric-foliage-no-1I tried to work out how much fabric was used for the tree made in 2002 and decorated with sewing collectables , decided it was all too hard, so made another tree with fabric foliage.

The trunk of this one is the curtain rod which was in the passage way at Kadina.

The beads came from an old car seat cover which I pulled to pieces many years ago because the beads might come in handy one day.

The books came with us from Kadina, but had to buy the wire from Bunnings.

The fabric includes three lengths of print from Bridge Agencies, two plains out of the stash, and part of a doona cover found at the Op Shop in Millicent.

I thought I may need about 15 metres for this tree, but used less than 7 metres.

fabric-foliage-closeupThe tree is 6 ft tall

But only 16 inches wide.

April 2008