Curved Chimneys and Cornerstones



At the retreat I attended last weekend I had a lovely surprise.

One of my Curved Chimneys and Cornerstones designs, which I shared with those who attended the 2014 Hi-Fibre Retreat, has been made into a quilt top by one of the attendees, Ann.



I love it when a plan comes together!

I look forward to seeing the finished project next year.

It’s all in the Wording

Completed on November 25th 2006

In August, 2005 I borrowed a book from Glenice called

Quilt Treasures, which documented The Quilter’s Guild Heritage Search.

I saw a quilt featuring a monogram which included all the letters of the alphabet,

and started playing with the idea immediately.

It was twelve months before Glenice got her book back!

In July 2006, at the Golden Harvest Quilters Hi-Fibre Retreat,

I started cutting fabric to try the ideas in a wall hanging.

The panel was completed that weekend.

It was bordered, sandwiched, quilted and bound in November 2006.

The title came about because people wanted to know what it said.

My answer is that you can read into it whatever you like.

Every English word is there, even the swear words,

if you look hard and find the letters in the right order.

15¼ inches x 21½ inches (39 cm x 54.5 cm)


Glenice was laid to rest soon after we moved from Bordertown to Crystal Brook,

Michelle called me a few weeks later to let me know that there would be a garage sale to clear some of the contents of the stash. 

I selected a variety of items from what was on offer, including the book!

String of Beads


I first saw this block design soon after I started quilting,

but have never seen it made up,

probably because it would have been very tedious to do as a hand appliqué.

It was described as ‘modern’ in 1920s—1930s.

In June 2004 I pieced together 16 background blocks using creamy fabrics from the stash.

The beads were added at the Hi-fibre Retreat, August 2004,

then I tackled the machine buttonhole stitch around the beads on 11-12 Sept,

machine quilted 13-14 September,

and started hand quilting around the beads the next day.


The binding was completed on September 27th

and the quilt was shown in the

Golden Harvest Quilters

‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’


over the first weekend of October 2004

58 inches square

Machine pieced, appliquéd, machine and hand quilted.

Pattern published by Judy Butcher, 2005.

Released as printable PDF in 2010, the first pattern made available through the

Virtual Quilter’s Pattern Place