Christmas Toys

A collection of cards, pictures from magazines and some of my sketches of anything related to Christmas and toys to put under Christmas trees.

The card on the right with the rather ragged fairy was the inspiration for my Fairy Nice, and I have finally stuck it firmly into a scrap book.

Photos of Santas made while we lived in Yorketown, 1990 – 1995, a sketch for a doll I have never made, and some paper dolls from a magazine.

Magazine pictures, and Christmas cards … possible inspiration for toys, decorations and quilts.

More scraps saved from magazines.

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

2009 Scrap Books 015

A new scrap book, homspun cover, and some slightly twisted snomen freehand cut from scraps of fabric and fused in place.

I really wanted to use the snowman theme in the title of the book, but in the finish went with the three bells which help hold the book together!

2009 Scrap Books 017

As with the other Christmas scrapbooks this one is filled with scraps of magazines, these from 1990 to 2005. (All the scraps from this period ended up in a rather large pile, which slipped, and became rather a large paper slide, so they are all mixed up.)

2009 Scrap Books 018

The overall theme is Christmas, but ranges from primitive through country style to Victorian.

2009 Scrap Books 016

The page on the right has a six page article about Ol’ Saint Nick.

Oh Christmas Tree

2009 Scrap Books 027

Now I can have fun! New book, new cover, and I found some seeded homespun for covers!

A scap of fusible webbing, fabric scraps, iron, cut out some tall skinny, crooked triangles, iron again, cover done!

2009 Scrap Books 028

Contents have been culled from magazines from 1990 – 2005, including Country Sampler and Marketplace Treasures, and are pretty much all for those who love country and primitive decorations. With a touch of Victorian.

2009 Scrap Books 029

The piles of paper has diminished and I am taking a little time to play with layouts a little more instead of just cramming in a smuch as possible. I have used a pattern page which I will never use to fill  in some white space instead of adding more colour pictures.

2009 Scrap Books 030Feather tree, black and white illustrations, and a snow scene to cool down our usually hot Christmas weather. I have a growing collection of fabric and resin snowmen, as the real thing is hard to get in Australia at Christmas time.

House of Toys


Another arty farty scrap book, this time in the shape of a house.

Inspired by some odd shaped scraps of heavy cardboard.

The outer walls were painted with a coppery mix, the inside walls are whitewashed, while the roof was painted gold, then crackling medium before a coat of green.


The windows and door are torn from magazines,

the pots are scrap booking embellishments.

The toys are torn from magazines and catalogues too.


Thereare some toy embellishments too.

The pages are held together with rings made from heavy jewellery wire, with some acrylic yarn holding two keys.


And room for a story to be added by the futue owner.