Tree Hangup


A few years ago I acquired a piece of net. I thought it might make a hammock for a doll. It became just another bit of the clutter in the sewing room, but didn’t take up much space, so just got squeezed into a corner and stayed there well after I decided none of my dolls, or even the bears, needed a hammock.

Earlier this year we helped to cleaned out a friend’s house, and I claimed a rolling-pin. Mind you, I try to avoid cooking, and I already had a rolling-pin, so I claimed it purely because I was thinking I could use it without soiling it with food!

One day I took out the net, and hung one end on a hook, and pulled out the bottom, and it became a triangle … and pretty much any triangle looks like a Christmas tree to me … so … something to hold the bottom out a bit was required. The rolling-pin was waiting for me to work out how the attach some cookie cutters to it to hang in the kitchen … but then the two ideas meshed into one.

The border motifs from a panel (which had already become a swag) needed something to hold them up, and the net was available, along with that lovely old rolling-pin.


Now, I need another rolling-pin to hang the cookie cutters from though! Or inspiration for another way to use the cookie cutters … without soiling them with food!




Down Under Quilts Tree Trims

January 2015

2015 1 DUQ Tree Trims


Some front covers of the first 20 issues of Down Under Quilts, Australia’s first patchwork magazine, plus two Women’s journal covers, from ads for back issues.

They have been glued to hand made paper back to back, and ready to hang next Christmas. May be turned into a banner to hand across the doorway, and if so, could remain there all year.

I had articles published in these early issues.

Christmas Card Tree Trims


18th, 19th January 2015

2015 1 Tree Decorations from Cards 1

Cards from Christmases past recycled as tree trims to go to market later this year.

In total there are 30 packs with five or more tree trims per pack … all I have to do is get more bags to put them in.

150 individual trims, and way more to come.

Must have rocks in my head!

Flat Pack Parcel Tree Trims

January 26th 2014


The packages are squares cut from some plastic packaging, the ribbon was part of the wrapping for less flat items.

Love the fact that they are see through!

Hardest part of the project was getting the glue off my fingers.

Vegemite (Security Seal) Wreath


Have always thought that the security seal part of a plastic lid on jars was pretty much useless.

But what if … you take some fluffy yarn and a crochet hook and cover them up?

Great size to hang on a tree, and very light, but would look better in white or green!

Add a bow and a hanger and it is done in about fifteen minutes.

PS For those around the world who don’t recognize Vegemite and probably can’t buy it anyway, peanut butter is one of many foods which come in similar sized jars.

Might have to try some milk bottle seals for small trees.

Update Australia Day 2014


Tried using some fluffy yarn which had been crocheted into a chain … like it. Added a gold earring with a silver heart added and tied it to one of the Christmas trees before it went into storage.


Then found some scraps of yarn left over from making a tree and covered tow more of the Vegemite jar rings … added a trim from some old gift tags and they are ready to hang somewhere next year. next year.

The little one is the security seal from a milk bottle top … now to find something small enough for a trim in it!

Broken Glass and Bead Tree Trim … another one!

Bigger piece of glass, more beads, longer wire …

… now I have a mismatched pair.

These will go onto the main tree because of the family connection to the origin of the glass.

However, I have lots of broken glass which will meet the same end, some with a family or friend connection, others from a piece of glassware which had seen better days.

Broken Glass and Bead Tree Trim

A piece of gold wire, some beads and a piece of broken glass rescued from the dirt on the farm where I grew up.

More importantly, I have made something … from scratch!

But it is rather difficult to get a photo.