Why Stuff-Ups?

Why Stuff Ups?

Well, I made a lot of dolls and soft toys, so spent a lot of time stuffing them.

One day my Mum rang me and the conversation went something like this.

“What are you doing?” asked Mum

“Stuffing a duck.”

“Sounds good. I’ll come over for tea.”

“You will be awfully disappointed, because it’s a fabric duck and

I think I’ve stuffed him up well and truly.”

From then on I was usually less specific about the current project

but often said I was ‘stuffing around’ and the expression stuck!

Dana Dimpling, Carly Couzens, and I have forgotten her name.

This is an attempt to put together a journal of the crafty projects I have made from the early 1970s up to now.

Posts will be dated as the finishing date for each project, so feeds won’t work in the normal way, but I will try to remember to add a short post with a link to any new additions at the time I add new posts.

I will add projects when I am happy that I have collated all the possible information that is available.

Hope you enjoy wandering down my memory lane.

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