About my Stuff-Ups

This is where I am putting together a list of all the dolls, Christmas decorations, craft and quilt projects I have made since about 1970.

I look at some of the photos and think I should take new ones where I still have the project, but have decided that I should keep the photos as they are in keeping with the context. That means that a lot of the early photos are scanned from sometimes dodgy prints, but they were never intended for anything more than my personal record of some of what I have done with my time.

As I sort through all the notes, scribbles and samples I am adding as many details as possible.

It is going to be a slow project!

The completion dates are also the post dates, but I am adding projects when I have found as much information as I think I have saved on particular items.

The first post is dated 1970!

You may be able to remember that PCs and the Internet were not a part of life back then, but on this blog I am recording what I was doing back then. This sort of thing just confuses modern technology so you will have to go through the categories to follow the updates, as I don’t think RSS feeds and all that will tell you when I add a post for 1987 or whenever!

I am also going to add something about what has filled in the day. Somedays!

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