New species Christmas Tree – Loopy Two

loopy-twoI bought the yarn for this tree in 2002 when I worked out how to do

loopy crochet and made the first loopy tree.

I intended making another in this yarn for the Christmas in July Exhibition, but ran out of time.

The beads were on a bracelet I found in Cheap as Chips that same year.

Was looking around trying to find something different to stand this tree up, and then found Plaster of Paris in Spotlight.

There are marbles in the Golden Syrup tin to add extra weight, and they were given to me at a Hi-fibre Retreat at least five years ago because there was some suggestion that I had lost mine!

(I’m not going to argue that point!)

All the pieces finally came together in May 2008.

43 inches (110 cm) tall

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