Shady Pine

Shady Pine

Shady Pine26th December 2014 – 30th November 2015

When I brought stuff home from my parents house three light shades were tossed into the car. I intended to put them in an op shop, but they went missing each time I bundled stuff up to be delivered.

One day I had to move them, and instead of stacking them upside down and inside each other as I had done up until them I stacked them right side up, sitting on top of each other. They formed a triangle a bit like a Christmas tree, and an idea was born.

( I really need to make more Christmas trees, as five-year Jake counted 13 two years ago, and decided there was still only 13 as a seven-year old a few days ago, but he was anxious to see if we had any electronic games he could play. I opened a tray of wooden blocks and tipped them out and told him to put them back in. Took him a while, but he told his Mum that it was a cool game!)

Two of the light shades had cream covering and I thought I could use them as they were, but on closer inspection the fabric was starting to rot, the glue holding the cover to the frame was starting to lose its grip, and they were rather dirty. New plan was to rip the covers off which took about 15 minutes.

(Thinking about it, Mum probably covered those frames when they moved off the farm … they lived in the town for quite a while … must find out when they moved!)

So, found some soft green furnishing fabric in the stash, and started a new project before the end of 2014 … hoping it will be finished in time to put away with the rest of the decorations … or next Christmas!

Now, I forgot to take photos before I started work, but maybe I could draw something in EQ to show what I hope it will look like! Another collection of Christmas tree appliques to be added to the collection! What do I do first, make the tree or do the drawings? I will try to concentrate on the real one … the virtual ones can wait until the real one is finished and in storage!

Update 31st December 2014

Copy of 2014 Light Shade Tree 1

Two light shades covered …

Copy of 2014 Light Shade Tree 2

… one more to go.

30th December 2014

All light shades covered, and the stick which will hold them up too.

2015 1 Shady Pine in Progress for web

Next step is to work out how to hold the stick/trunk upright!

Also the virtual designs are ready to be used in virtual quilts.

Shady Pines 1

The second in the top row is what I am planning for the real light Shady Pines.

Shady Pines 2


The rest are overkill!

All could use some decorations when they go into a quilt design.

Update November 30th 2015

Shady Pine

Click for a closer look!

The tree is holding up … by an out dated reference book … book hidden by matching fabric wrap … with glass bead drops tied on with ribbon. The finishing touches have only just been added and the tree put together, but after Christmas it will come apart again, so the light shades can be stored inside one another. Even the trunk will come out of the base to save room in the storage space.

One of few decorations which is allowed out of storage this year, as Butch will be on crutches from early December, and although he has been practicing, he is not too steady on crutches, and he hasn’t got a foot in plaster yet! Don’t want him to fall into a Christmas tree … he might get lost amongst the angels on there … or damage the tree!

Tree Hangup


A few years ago I acquired a piece of net. I thought it might make a hammock for a doll. It became just another bit of the clutter in the sewing room, but didn’t take up much space, so just got squeezed into a corner and stayed there well after I decided none of my dolls, or even the bears, needed a hammock.

Earlier this year we helped to cleaned out a friend’s house, and I claimed a rolling-pin. Mind you, I try to avoid cooking, and I already had a rolling-pin, so I claimed it purely because I was thinking I could use it without soiling it with food!

One day I took out the net, and hung one end on a hook, and pulled out the bottom, and it became a triangle … and pretty much any triangle looks like a Christmas tree to me … so … something to hold the bottom out a bit was required. The rolling-pin was waiting for me to work out how the attach some cookie cutters to it to hang in the kitchen … but then the two ideas meshed into one.

The border motifs from a panel (which had already become a swag) needed something to hold them up, and the net was available, along with that lovely old rolling-pin.


Now, I need another rolling-pin to hang the cookie cutters from though! Or inspiration for another way to use the cookie cutters … without soiling them with food!



Christmas Characters in the Kitchen


July 2015 – 27th November 2015

The sewing was done over a two month period between mending and more creative stuff … then put aside until December got a bit closer, when I added the string ties, and hung it in the kitchen window.

Made from a panel for a wall hanging … I didn’t have room for another wallhanging, and liked it too much to give it away.

Quilted background by machine, cut the pieces apart and have clipped the edges … not game enough to wash them to make them shaggy until I have used them this first time. Maybe after Christmas before I put them away.

There is another shorter swag to put together when I find somewhere to hang it, plus the border bits which will be revealed shortly.

Double Wedding String of Beads

2005 – 2015 (Quilt top only)


This quilt top was tossed into a corner many moons ago because I was not happy with the method I chose to stitch those beads on. It came out of the corner to go to a retreat in May when I spent time cutting and fusing the last beads in place, then spent a few part days stitching them down between the end of May and the end of July so it could be part of Show and Tell at the Hi-Fibre Retreat.

I love the design, love the colours, love the result, but will never try buttonhole stitch on Strings of Beads by machine again. From now on I will go back to zigzag! I prefer hand buttonhole stitch where there are so many meeting points … or having to alternate the direction of the stitch so often. I may have the patience to be a quilter, but that patience doesn’t last long at the machine.

I had also wondered if it was feasible to machine applique onto more than an average block so the beads were fused to a large piece of fabric, and yes, it is feasible, and using zigzag stitch quite easy.

So, a couple of lessons learned!

Started cutting 23rd May, 2005, fused the first beads in place at the 2005 Hi-Fibre Retreat.

Border fabric was purchased at Maney’s of Mundulla.


The quilt top has been given to the Stitching Sisters to complete, and it was their Father’s Day raffle prize, 2016.

I didn’t put my name in the draw, but sort of would have liked to win it back!

Curved Chimneys and Cornerstones



At the retreat I attended last weekend I had a lovely surprise.

One of my Curved Chimneys and Cornerstones designs, which I shared with those who attended the 2014 Hi-Fibre Retreat, has been made into a quilt top by one of the attendees, Ann.



I love it when a plan comes together!

I look forward to seeing the finished project next year.

Tasselling for the Wassailing Season



May 2015Tasselling for Wassailing Season

I saved the thread when I fringed out the tablecloth below … now that thread is a tassel.

Red Table Cloth and Runner

May 2015


My daily grind, each and every day, within reason, includes putting away or getting stuff out of my sewing room. Some of it goes into the bin, sometimes it goes into the op shop basket … sometimes it is turned into something useful and put into use or stored for when I want it, for myself or as a gift … or maybe it goes into the op shop basket.

This red fabric was given to me because I tend to over decorate for Christmas, but it is too thick for most of the smaller items I could think of, so I fringed out the ends a little, then zig zagged to stop it fringing further … and labelled it as a tablecloth. Now I am ready for the next outdoor Christmas party at our place … or any outdoor party when we can use a red theme, which I guess is pretty much any party. It will also fit the kitchen table inside.

There is a matching runner made out of a smaller scrap of the fabric, while the smallest piece was used to test the stitches, but decided against trying to get the runner to stay on the table in the wind … as it was I had only just got back inside when it started to rain.

It took me longer to do the fringing on one end of one of the items than it took to do all the stitching.