Double Wedding String of Beads

2005 – 2015 (Quilt top only)


This quilt top was tossed into a corner many moons ago because I was not happy with the method I chose to stitch those beads on. It came out of the corner to go to a retreat in May when I spent time cutting and fusing the last beads in place, then spent a few part days stitching them down between the end of May and the end of July so it could be part of Show and Tell at the Hi-Fibre Retreat.

I love the design, love the colours, love the result, but will never try buttonhole stitch on Strings of Beads by machine again. From now on I will go back to zigzag! I prefer hand buttonhole stitch where there are so many meeting points … or having to alternate the direction of the stitch so often. I may have the patience to be a quilter, but that patience doesn’t last long at the machine.

I had also wondered if it was feasible to machine applique onto more than an average block so the beads were fused to a large piece of fabric, and yes, it is feasible, and using zigzag stitch quite easy.

So, a couple of lessons learned!

Started cutting 23rd May, 2005, fused the first beads in place at the 2005 Hi-Fibre Retreat.

Border fabric was purchased at Maney’s of Mundulla.


The quilt top has been given to the Stitching Sisters to complete, and it was their Father’s Day raffle prize, 2016.

I didn’t put my name in the draw, but sort of would have liked to win it back!

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